Sunday May 4th Road Closers

If you intend to arrive or depart BEFORE 13:30 you must approach the pub from the B4525 south of Weston.

Continue on the B4525 until you approach signposts to Helmdon.  Follow signs to Helmdon.  Continue through Helmdon until you go over a bridge and reach a little green where you then need to take the left turn followed by a right turn up the hill to approach Weston.



If you intend to arrive or depart AFTER13:15 customers must do so via BLAKESLEY, Woodend and Plumpton.

From Quinbury End head Southbound down Blakesely High Street continue following signs to Weston.


If you approach traffic marshalls please inform them of your destination and they will help direct you.


For more information about the event go to


Sorry for the inconvenience caused


Directions from the B4525:

THE CROWN INN_diversion